AstonCine is one of the most popular third party movie streaming application support for Android devices. This application can not download with Play Store. You can Download AstonCine APK latest version directly to your device.

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How to install AstonCine for iOS

Stream Latest Movies/TV Shows , did you aware that developers have rebranded Zinitevi to Aston Cine and now you can streaming latest movies and TV shows on your iOS device with this new application.

You can see a significant improvement in terms of performance with new added features. With significant performance improvements, bug fixes, and making the platform ad-free they have renamed Zinitevi app as Aston Cine. This article is about how to install Astoncine app to your iOS device.

What the Users of ZiniTevi are saying for AstonCine?

  • Search Astoncine app on the platform.
  • Next from the search results, tap on AstonCine for navigate to the Installation window.
  • Then click on the Get button for start the installation process.
  • When pop up message appear says that they wants to install AstonCine on to your iOS device. Please click on Install to continue the installation process.
  • After installation finish, please make sure you trust the profile of AstonCine for launching the app on your iOS device.

AstonCine – ZiniTevi Rebranded | How to Use AstonCine on iOS

  • Then hitting on the Started button.
  • select your language on the next screen
  • By tapping on Allow Provide required permissions to the application.
  • Now you can see the options such as Home, Favorites, Watched, Downloads, and Genres in your home screen. 

How to Use AstonCine on iOS?

  • With the launching of the application, please tap on the Get Started button.
  • Next select a preferred language. 
  • And then select your device type.
  • Thereafter, you have to hit on allow button to give permission to launch the application.
  • Now in the home screen you can see menu options Watched, Home, Favorites, Downloads, and Genres.
  • Titles can be filtered as you wish according to the popular films and TV shows and more.