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Here’s what you need to know about TutuApp VIP and how you can download / install Tutu App VIP application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Please note, we are entertainment & educational blog not affiliated with Tutu App and highly recommend to do not use TutuApp for the commercial purpose.

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What is TuTuApp VIP ?

TuTuApp VIP, the most stable third party app store for iOS is having greater benefits over traditional Apple App Store. It provides biggest collection of Apps, Games, Music and many more. Most fascinating feature of TuTu app VIP it’s not required to jailbreak your device to install and TuTuapp VIP smoothly works on both jailbroken and non jailbroken devices. It is not required to Apple ID at all. TuTu app provides daily basis updates to keep your Apps up to date and quick search features to search what you want as quickly as possible


Tutu App VIP Features:

  • Easy installation – It provides online installation method, no need a computer to use.
  • Provides most convenient way to download apps.
  • More stable on iOS ever.
  • Modern UI – User friendly Interface, simple but powerful.
  • App base is expand on daily basis to provide most comprehensive sources of apps for iOS users.
  • It Provides high Speed downloads service to ensure best user experience.
  • Unlike many other app installers, TutuApp VIP can be installed on your iOS device whether it is jailbroken or not.
  • Wide range of Apps, Game, Music for totally free and most modified apps are available rather than conventional app.
  • Fully optimized features for iPhone and iPad such as memory optimization and cache cleaner provides app itself.

In addition, TutuApp VIP includes more features & improvements against its regular version as follows.

Difference between TutuApp Regular and TutuApp VIP versions.

  • TutuApp VIP is More stable on iOS, but Regular version may be cracked due to certificate revocation
  • VIP version is stay active on iOS updates but regular version may inactive by Apple.
  • TutuApp VIP provides high download speed than the regular version.
  • VIP version comes with more games on it with hacked versions of them to ensure great user experience.
  • VIP version contains more apps and modified/hacked apps for it’s users
  • TuTuApp’s VIP version will allow you to request for a new app. You will see a new option which allows you to request for the desired apps and games which you want to install on your iPhone/iPad. So this way you can get the app from the officials in the coming days.
  • In VIP version all downloaded and Installed apps and games will stay active and work with saved data without any loss of functions of them.

Want to get regular version ? – Download TutuApp Regular [Freeware]


Download TutuApp VIP

There are few options to download Tutu App VIP application for iPhone, iPad or iPod

Option 1:

Download TutuApp VIP with official site [$12.99]

Click here and follow on screen instructions to install

Option 2:

Install TutuApp with VIP Installer

Download & install VIP Installer on to your PC >> Connect your iOS device to PC with USB cable & open TutuApp VIP Installer >> Click “Install now”

Option 3: [Recommended]

How to get TutuApp VIP for FREE ? – No jailbreak No computer

  1. Click on Download with your iOS device Safari browser
  2. Tap “Open”


3. Tap “Install”


4. Now, it will start installing TutuApp VIP on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. After installing, go to “Settings” >> “General” >> “Profiles & Device Management” and trust the enterprise developer.

Now you can open Tutu VIP app on your Home screen and enjoy the fully features of the VIP version for FREE!

Note: This is TutuApp Chinese version and we’ll update TutuApp VIP English download tutorial soon..

Update :


Download TutuApp VIP English version to your iPhone / iPad for Free [Tutorial]